2017 - Present

AT Metzger

 Currently engaged with a project team to deliver HR Organisational Development for a Federal Government establishment, aimed at increasing Employee Performance. The  Scope of the Project involves the design and implementation of an objective Performance Management Framework, asserting Manning Levels requirements and identifying training gaps via Skill and Competency assessment. 

2017 - Dec

Deliver Consulting

Assisted in facilitating a team bounding session for senior management executives of Linkage Assurance Plc. The
retreat of which the bounding session was part of the activities was targeted at testing and improving team bonding
and analytical skills for management executives.

About Me

Francis Arihilam is an applied Human Behaviorist using result techniques from behavioral sciences specifically in psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Social Philosophy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy  to help organizations and individuals solve difficult behavioral and policy issues. He assists in building a healthy cognitive structure through a concise Habit Reformation program.

He currently serves as faculty member for various coaching programs including Sage Center, LMC, and Alentar.

An Astute Human Resource Professional with experience project management, performance management and human capital development. He is an author who is keen on public policies, social behavior, and governance.


B.A Philosopy & Religion

Management of People and Resources (YALI)

Behavioural Psychology & Addiction


Emotional Intellegence 89%
Human Behavior Therapy 65%
Leadership 68%
Human Capital Development 50%
Communication 85%


  • francis.a@arihilam.com
  • (234) 7032688775