“Every action and inaction produces an outcome”

Culture, Delaying-Gratification and The Millennia

A better definition of culture will be that it is the people’s way of life at particular time. Culture is not the problem; the handlers and custodians seem to be the real issue refusing to review and allow new learnings come in.

On Governance, Social Structure and Leadership.

Good governance is beyond good roads, power supply, and bridges, it is strongly about INFLUENCING the people’s way of life. A nation MUST first shape her culture, this is the inside out approach. Because if she doesn’t she will only succeed in building a nicely painted necropolis.

Love Respect and The Crux of Partnership

The hallmark of love is respect. That’s why for years my brain still can’t understand the phrase “Men love their respect.” In your absence, it’s respect for you that will make your partner not to misbehave.